The Next Level of Operational Excellence

data science

Companies can improve operational efficiency by leveraging AI to analyse and identify the factors that impact the quality of their products along the supply chain. In the pharmaceutical industry, we help our client to act in a targeted way to increase the quality of the finished products and ensure better control of the rates of rejects.

Production lines go through many complicated steps. This implies high maintenance needs, and, when a product defect occurs, can make it hard to identify the cause of the issue. Although production lines are equipped with numerous measurement instruments and capture data continuously, the processing and analysis of all this data is beyond the capacity of human calculation.

In the face of this challenging backdrop, Takeda, a global pharmaceutical company, was convinced that digital technology had a role to play in guaranteeing good functioning of their production lines. They took advantage of the Tremplin IA program, that Eura Nova is a part of, to launch a proof of concept with the support of the Walloon Region agencies.

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