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We help you in your data projects from POC to production. We get you to the competitive edge you need by using the latest technologies in data governance and information, data science and software intelligence.

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Data is an essential asset of any business to create added value. Added value is created by identifying the challenges, issues, and pain points. Once you have done that, you can start identifying the data that help you address the challenges. The expertise and the perspectives of Euranova’s consulting team will help you identify and capitalise on your challenges and the needed data. Let us help you articulate what you are hoping to accomplish and focus on deciding which challenges will have the best impact on your business. Euranova will ensure your further expansion and achievements.

business value

Once your company has identified challenges, you need to build an action plan. You have to structure your organisation processes and determine a strategy and a governance plan to achieve your business goals. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” (Sun Tzu). Euranova's strategy and governance team helps you solve your unique challenges by helping you structure, build, manage, understand, and be confident with a coherent strategy for your organisation and assets.

your TCO of data assets

Decrease your data assets total cost of ownership (TCO) by decreasing their incurred costs through their lifecycle (from design to disposal). The operating costs are determined by the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of your data assets. Euranova's architecture consulting team will help you prepare, connect, and structure your data assets in a sustainable way, based on best operating practices to minimise your TCO. Euranova’s team will help you define mapping systems and priorities to ensure a systematic compliance to best practices and ensure an automation and standardisation of your operating data assets.

your time to market

In most companies, IT departments are under increasing pressure to rapidly deliver a solution to support business goals and allow the company to stay competitive. The increasing demand in quality and quantity and the lack of manpower drastically lengthen the time to market for the solutions that are needed. Euranova’s engineering team will help you proactively address your company’s needs. We will accompany you through the whole lifecycle of your projects with agile methodology, data engineering, software engineering, POC, POV, MVP and production-ready solutions. We will reduce the time to market and increase the quality and effectiveness of your solutions.

information and value

To help your company in its digital transformation and business expansion, you need to be able to make smart, data-driven and real-time decisions. Therefore, you need to fully benefit from your data’s potential. The data needs to be as rich with information as possible, and delivered and analysed in real time. Euranova’s strategic and applied data science team will help you use relevant real-time information to uncover new opportunities and create competitive advantages by using data as a strategic asset. We will build data science models to help your decision-making and to eliminate inefficient operating processes, take advantage of new markets, enhance customer experience, increase the efficiency of your data processes, etc.


Looking for an automated solution to only reduce the required manual work process is not enough. It is vital to efficiently combine automation, software engineering, and data analysis to obtain effective data. If your data is not effective, it will slow your company down and cause inefficiency and corrupt data processes. Euranova's DevOps/MLOps team puts at your service the combined knowledge of our engineers and data scientists. Our teams help you incorporate a perfect combination between DevOps and MLOps that will improve quickly, easily, safely and in an incremental way your processes and tools. Euranova's team focuses on data quality and automation. Our data scientists and data engineers share their knowledge and new tools to speed up your development and foster collaboration at higher velocity.

new technologies

Are you sure your company is using the latest or the most relevant technologies to help you grow? With the consulting teams of Euranova, you can rest assured that you will use the most relevant technologies and best practices because Research & Development are THE centre of the Euranovian DNA. Our large team of data researchers makes us one of the best private research centres in Europe. They anticipate digital challenges and imagine solutions and support pathways, thereby giving competitive advantages to entrepreneurs, be it in the field of data science, distributed computing, ML, AI or software engineering. Together, let's initiate, ignite, and plan your long-term growth to generate your added value.

your teams

Knowledge is the keystone to the success and development of your digital transition and is an ongoing part of business. Euranova helps you train your teams with sessions that effectively alter behaviours with messages and knowledge that sticks, helps improve the collective knowledge and ensure the sustainability of your company. Our internationally-recognised experts provide you with custom-made training.

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Our research centre gives us a clear view of the issues to address in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science. We share this scientific knowledge with our employees, our partners (academic & industrial) and our clients.

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We craft solutions to give you a competitive edge. We use our consulting experience and knowledge from our research centre to craft solutions and not reinvent the wheel.

Digazu is a robust data platform automating best practices. Dedicated to data scientists and data engineers, Digazu empowers you with a faster, cheaper and higher quality project delivery.

Because you implement best practices in data architecture and automating data engineering tasks, you can collect data, store and manage data in a data lake, transform and distribute data, and release data science algorithms.

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