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Optimise your business strategy & governance and give yourself the key to succeed.

Digital transformation requires a good balance between business strategy and governance to ensure the objectives of your digital transformational journey. The balance must be achieved by establishing business processes where the availability, usability, consistency, integrity, and security of the data drive the data management and culture of the company.

With our scientifically proven methods, we help you connect the dots between your strategies and governance (from cutting-edge to mainstream) by using Walt Disney workshops, Business analysis, Program & Project management, Agile coaching,…

Use our knowledge and experiences to Increase the efficiency of you digital investments and innovative projects.

What’s at stake for you

Business strategy are answered
when we help to:

  • define
    a transformation map
  • draw
    a list of the various use cases that make up this map
  • identify
    the value of each of the use cases, e.g. cost, profit and implementation time
  • have
    a roadmap of long-term objectives
  • analyse
    efforts, capacity and technological skills needed
  • insure
    consistency, integrity and the security of your data
  • monitor
    and organise projects in line with the transformation map

key informations

increased success rate of digital transformation

of critical data are integrated, it must increase

decreased financial risks

business strategy & governance


Prepare, connect and structure
tomorrow’s processes
in a sustainable way.

To ensure the success of your digital transformation implies bringing both business design and technology together. You need to plan, align, structure, and connect your business process, data management processes, data solutions, applications, and technical infrastructure.

Let us help you define targets and customise the different major steps according to your maturity, history and current culture. We will provide you with experts to establish your enterprise-, data-, solution- and technical architecture.

Align, structure and define your data assets to increase the effectiveness of your digital transformation projects.

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What’s at stake for you

Set up your Architecture and addresses its challenges:

  • assess
    your processes, systems, tools, softwares, applications and infrastructures
  • define
    mapping systems and set up priorities for the various projects/programmes to reap quicker benefits
  • ensure
    the sustainability and consistency of your data collection over the long term
  • automate
    the reporting and analysis of your architecture implementation

key informations

increase of profits margins

improved integration & increased standardisation

increase of business-process benefits

applied data science


Build and implement solutions to make information a valuable asset.

To realize your digital transformation you need to proactively address the changing needs of your business. Construct and evolve your business models by making the most of new available technologies. To help you tap into those new digital opportunities, our engineers are helping you build your custom-made solutions, softwares and infrastructures to process the needed data. They will accompany you through the whole lifecycle of your projects with Agile Squads, data engineering, software engineering, POC, POV, MVP & Production-ready solution,…

Create new opportunities and added-value through custom-made solutions. It is produced swiftly, safely and with great quality.

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What’s at stake for you

We help you answering your challenges:

  • optimise
    your TCO (implementation and maintenance)
  • reduce
    the Time To Market of the solution
  • be
    agile during your projects
  • increase
    the quality level of the solutions
  • increase
    the effectiveness of your “POC to production” cycle

key informations

increased productivity for data scientists and analysts

increased software quality

decrease of Time To Market for new solutions


Data Science

Smart up your business

To improve your digital transformation and to build competitive advantages you need to predict, optimise and automate your business. Our data scientists help you get the ability to visualise, use and analyse your (real-time) data. We guide you through the procurement and processing of structured or/and unstructured data to get the ability to investigate and predict (hidden) patterns. We help you create value from your data with our mining techniques, design and implementation of data models. Our consultants provide you with: business analytics, business intelligence & general optimisation problem, Natural Language Processing and computer vision & video analytics.

Get greatest operational efficiency for your new products and services launch and tailored existing services.

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What’s at stake for you

Applied Data Science is particularly useful if you need to:

  • develop
    models that increase the quantity and quality of available information
  • make
    information available for use, inside and outside the company
  • highlight
    the untapped value of the amount of existing information
  • optimise
    the functioning of existing processes
  • expand
    the knowledge of your customers and your product range
  • build
    Business Analytics, business intelligence & general optimisation problem

key informations

increase in effectiveness

increase of predictiveness

cost reduction

applied data science


Reap early benefits by continuously offering new and quickly moving into production.

The tighter the execution of a cycle, the quicker you can respond to changing circumstances. Yet, putting Machine Learning into production remains a challenge as it requires integrated discipline and practice across operations. That’s when our experts in DevOps and MLOps come into play. They are helping you make the most of technologies and methodologies to support your IT department.

While our DevOps teams drive a seamless integration between development and operations, our MLOps teams capture and expand on previous operational practices. It also extends them to manage the unique challenges of Machine Learning including model retraining, AB testing, model evaluation, …

Get the greatest profits and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure operation process thanks to our DevOps/MLOps teams

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What’s at stake for you

DevOps/MLOps is for you if you are looking to:

  • increase
    the quality of what is brought into production
  • improve
  • reduce
    life cycle cost
  • operate
    efficiently and rapidly
  • shorten
    the software evolution time
  • increase
    the efficiency of the development teams in their development process
  • enhance
    the flexibility of tools and infrastructures

key informations

decrease of deployment failures

decrease of the Time To Market

increased efficiency

business strategy & governance


Giving you the « how ».
You do the « what ».

If you want a smooth transition in your digital transformation you need to keep a high level of knowledge, expertise and skills within your teams. There’s no secret you have to keep learning and training your teams to stay fresh. Training has a lot positive impact on your teams. It improves the awareness and expertise level of each individual. It also helps increase individual motivation to perform their job well. Our experts share their leading-edge knowledge and experiences with your teams. During these training sessions we challenge their everyday experiences with emerging digital opportunities.

Increase the collective knowledge inside your company and optimize your on-going control and command of your strategic tools.

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What’s at stake for you

Our experts help your company training your teams:

  • grow
    their technical teams’ skills
  • increase
    your HR attractiveness
  • accelerate
    your adaptation to new digital developments
  • share
    our knowledge from our Research Centre
  • give
    you a view on the future of technologies
  • create
    tailor-made practical or applied workshops in architecture or any other defined technology
  • give
    custom-made theoretical training by our experts, recognised in many universities from all around the world (Belgium, France, Spain, Tunisia, Germany, …)

key informations

increase in team motivation

experts trainers

of clients impacted positively in productivity