Front-End Development & Modelling

Modelling is a technique that can be used at any stage of a project, such as talks over requirements, UI definition, code generation, database schema description, communication protocols definition. It allows us to communicate efficiently with customers and it provides a solid formalised base for rapid prototyping.

Modelling helps us split different aspects of software products into components that lead to better decoupling of UI, business logic, database, and infrastructure. Consequently, the issued models are reused for large-scale production of both front-end and back-end components. In the iterative development process, the initial models help to quickly reach a final result, with each development cycle being validated by the customer. We apply the same modelling approach when a complex software component developed by experts needs to be extended with a simple ergonomic UI.

In our practice modelling is useful in many cases: when the problem domain is complex, when communicating and working with different people, when needing a highly formal level of abstraction, when planning to grow the number of features of a software product.


Back-End Performance Optimisation

Information management systems collect powerful data that often require significant resources to deliver their added value.

Furthermore, application’s eco-systems—built iteratively—can provide better services while using less power. The only way to get there is to master the most recent optimisation methods and tools.

We, at EURA NOVA, have acquired deep knowledge in techniques for optimising your system back-end. We can offer you our expertise to design and implement high performance systems that meet business needs related to response time, reliability, availability, information persistence, and scalability.


Infrastructure Evolution

Breakthroughs in the way IT infrastructures can be built offer a wide range of solutions to host companies information and applications. Behind the business opportunities granted by next-gen data centres and cloud-based solutions stands the technical challenge for getting there.

EURA NOVA’s experts can help you from the start of this journey by providing advice and architecture work, both for the setup of your cloud and for the migration of your data and software. They can act on every level of the cloud model: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

On top of this, our experts will assist you in identifying, customising and implementing the solutions to run your new infrastructure as you wish. The solutions we often recommend are DevOps enablement, set up of continuous integration, and automation of configuration management.