Innovation Strategy

Innovating to gain a competitive edge is a strategy used by many. Yet, without the right people and skills, innovative ideas, however great, just can’t materialise.

Our professionals can help you define and implement your IT innovation strategy. This includes carrying out market assessments, in-depth studies, and competition analyses. We then identify emerging markets or technical opportunities. Finally, we draw up possible scenarios and identify which conditions need to be met before seizing opportunities. There is a cherry on the cake: not only do we advise you on innovation strategy; we pull resources from our advanced research lab to serve your project.

The combination of all the above is why we make a big difference.


Big Data

Having grown in volume, variety, and velocity, data have become the best tool to seize business opportunities. The problem is: they have become too large and too complex for processing with traditional means.

Thanks to our sustained efforts in R&D and our strong involvement with pioneer companies, we have developed end-to-end solutions that make it possible for our customers to use Big Data easily.

Our Big Data expertise includes finding and setting up the best solutions in the following areas: infrastructures and related tooling, data auditing, modelling, partitioning, machine learning, algorithms, distributed processing, automation, visualisation, and insights generation. These are tools to help our customers leverage their business.


Building Business Case

In the past few years, many companies set up strategic departments aimed at identifying and assessing the technologies that best address their business challenges.

We cross our R&D expertise and our knowledge of the market with a thorough analysis of our customer's business processes and current information technologies. We then identify the path to maximise the return on investment (ROI) of each action.

We assist our customers along the innovation process in selecting projects that maximise ROI.