Data Science

Predictability of your business and activities is a core competitive advantage in today's fast-moving world. Data analytics has become the most powerful lever to better address business challenges and opportunities. However, information availability, information processing, and insight generation are hurdles that may prevent your company from acquiring this advantage.

Our experts can help you build data-driven solutions and integrate these to your operational architecture. We can also audit your existing data and we can process them using algorithms and machine learning techniques. This will allow you to go beyond traditional business intelligence, to support up-selling and cross-selling, and to feed your business with real-time predictive analysis.


Data Visualization

The amount of information available to drive companies and manage businesses is now so large that its processing often has to be rethought. In this context, data visualisation becomes the asset that makes a big difference.

We support your Business Intelligence (BI) specialists, managers, and data scientists by providing them with leveraged libraries, data exploration means, visual analytics, charts, correlation matrixes, simplified monitoring, and optimal use of resources.


Data Storage

The volume of data, the amount of sources, and the diversity of types of data are growing. Data tends to be processed in real time in order to allow fast decision-making. As a result, selecting data storage solutions has become more critical than ever for IT departments.

Well aware that there is no « one-fits-all » solution, we can provide expert services for assessing, proposing, implementing, and supporting your data storage systems.