Sabri-Skhiri dit Gabouje

Do you feel tempted to work with us
one way or the other ?

We are looking for highly talented profiles to share their skills with us, either as staff members, freelancers, consultants, researchers, interns, or partners.

How well would you fit in with our culture and
meet our expectations?

We are looking for the best IT and support people, for fast learners who are also able to keep adapting and evolving in a strong and cohesive environment. We like you to feel both empowered and responsible for your own development and for your contribution to the company, nifty enough to co-create as you go along with the team and EURA NOVA's growth, and to reach out to people from all professional backgrounds.

In short, we expect you to add value to our company, to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to work with them and at them.

What do you get in return?

You will work with some of the leading minds in IT, and a great admin, HR, and business development team; a dynamic and innovative group whose opinions and ideas are welcome and respected. Our values and practices are team work, continuous learning, knowledge sharing and sharing good times together through sport, team building, and social events. We offer training sessions. We take serious care for your health and social well-being at work.

If you are up to the job, your skills, expertise, and the value you add to the company will be duly recognised. Cherry on the cake : we keep the financial package and in-kind benefits as a surprise…

If you think you can meet the challenge and keep it going, here is what to do :

Our recruitment process

We don’t advertise vacancies and we have our own recruitment process. During this process you will have interviews with several people from our team.

To apply, you need to comply with three criteria:

  1. have an excellent understanding of the company’s vision and core business;
  2. tell us how you would strengthen and complement our team;
  3. surprise us in your application.

Please send your application to