Architecture Methodology

Architects can maximise the return on enterprise investments by adopting a methodical approach. By enforcing a coherent and consistent framework, architects will be able to design solutions that better meet business needs, the enterprise eco-system, and external constraints.

Our expertise in architecture management and transversal knowledge - from infrastructure to business processes - can help you enforce corporate standards and policies. Our architects also have the knowledge and skills to assist you in the day-to-day management of your IT assets. They can manage your information network security and implement the best practices for your industry.


Technical Architecture

Business departments often face technical constraints when receiving feedback on their requirements from operational and technical teams. In this context, technical and solution architects play a key role, helping both functional and technical teams to meet their goals.

Years of experience in highly-regulated environments have provided our consultants with significant expertise in analysing business and functional requirements, assessing impact on architecture, and proposing sound technical solutions.


Convergent Architecture

Architectures developed by Internet players have always proven far better at solving challenging issues than traditional enterprise architectures. Today this technology is available to any organisation. This is a fantastic opportunity to make their existing IT enterprise architectures converge with Internet-type architectures.

We developed expertise in desining and implementing best fitting event-driven architectures (EDA), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, and more. We can help you address your trickyest challenges in the design, implementation, integration, installation, support, and maintenance of complex systems such as Hadoop, real-time stream processing, distributed resource scheduling, and pattern-matching.